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Thread: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

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    Jul 2009

    There is nothing worth my time on PS4 at the moment and the price of the console is ricockolous. Maybe in the future, no rush

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    May 2015

    I do!! It's a waste actually well until I can play Bloodborn maybe next week maybe not maybe. That game looks worth a ps4 tbh

    Played Destiny for a bit, disappointing. Actually the game I played most of was Binding of Isaac, which I think is the best game on the system atm. I also played Helldivers last weekend and I thought that was fun too. Killzone was mediocre, MGS GZ is a demo etc etc. Most next gen games are crazy disappointing. Nothing really NEW and crazy has come out for years. Smaller indie games are the ones everyone should be paying attention to.

    Just Bloodborne looks amazing. I need it sooooooo bad.

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    I feel with you Natewlie, not enough good games on next gen. I'm waiting for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and The Last Guardian if it ever comes out, I be a very happy gamer.
    I still need to play The Last of Us.

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?


    I got the PS4 last summer and I'm still waiting for good titles. The Evil Within, GTA V and the Resident Evil HD Remaster were the only interesting games so far. If you want to buy a PS4, there's no reason to rush.

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    I haven't bought it as none of the games I want are out yet. I'm still waiting for The Last guardian, Persona 5 and FF15.
    However, my friend did and I was watching him play his. For graphics, it looks awesome, which is duh, it is PS4.
    I just wish there are more JRPG for this console in the same way a lot of ppl are complaining there aren't enough localised RPGs for PS Vita.

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    Nov 2015

    Who doesnt....I do too...its not as epic as ps3 was for me or the HOLY GRAIL that was PS2....but its alright i guess...i have the other consoles too though....
    and i always end up using X one for fps titles....but ps4 does offer a better experience overall..
    the problem is the games itself....no many good titles and franchises releasing now.....the indie games are whats saving the gaming industry imo.
    But sony consoles will always get Anime related games and Japanese titles almost exclusively.....that itself always gives them a tremendous edge in my books.

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    Jul 2009

    From indie games im gonna buy "darkest dungeon". Looks interesting

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    Jul 2016

    I recently got one. I have to say while there are more games for it now, the whole selection is still a little bit bland. There are a few good gems here and there. I've also noticed that it has a lot of these HD remasters.


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