How to Share Blog URL?

Many members have pmed the staff asking to share their Blog URL within their threads However, as a general rule, we don't allow sharing blogs within threads & topics. Hence, we've came up with this idea for those who have quality blogs [Note: it has to be an organized - good blog].

You can either use text link or use any of these buttons to link back to Nihonomaru

Permission to share your blog within your signature
If you have a good - organized blog despite its content whether it is Hentai, Anime, or Manga. In order to share your Blog URL within your signature on Nihonomaru, you'd have to add Nihonomaru to your blog, then pm me or one of the super mods and provide them with your blog URL so they can verify it.

Once you receive a reply back from me or one of the Super Mods with an ok, you can share your blog url within your signature.

Remember, your blog has to be an (1) organized, (2) with good content, not spam like blog, and (3) it has to be at least 5 month old blog. Sharing forum urls are not allowed.

If you have any concern or clarification, feel free to directly contact me.