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Thread: Slightly Over 8 Years Later

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    Nm21 Slightly Over 8 Years Later

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    Dec 2008

    I tend not to ramble so I'll keep to the point. "Apparently" I registered at the end of 2008. So when did I actually decide to make my first post? ...That'd be today.

    I'm just a quiet person who likes games, anime (though I haven't watched as much this last year), and have had my fair share of forum moderation volunteering. At present that is one dead fan-forum for an ancient MMORPG and I am a current moderator for the largest minecraft forum (though my activity is pretty low considering I have not touched the game in years). I also tend to suffer from bad luck when it comes to PC motherboards.

    I do not post often (though the time between registering and posting on this site is a bit of an extreme, even for me) considering I barely hit 1000 posts over a few years on many forums I frequent.

    On a random note I also have a fondness for animal ears, namely fox or cat. It's mostly due to having raised cats all my life (grew up with them and am raising another to this day). This is also probably why I have a fondness for the Miqo'te race in FFXIV. Though I wish my current cat would be a less messy eater.

    And that's the end of that.

    Edit: Lukewarm reception. Guess I will reconsider stuff.

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    Baka Inu
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    May 2012

    Hi and welcome to Niho



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