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  1. http://forum.nihonomaru.com/yaoi-yur...naruto-dj.html
    ^ you did it, again. one more time, do not open this type of threads in the download sections.
    it has been moved to the yaoi-yuri talk section, btw.
  2. http://forum.nihonomaru.com/yaoi-yur...-pictures.html
    ^ your thread has been moved to the yaoi-yuri talk section.
    do not open that type of threads in the download sections, please.
  3. http://ameblo.jp/shimizuyuki15th/ima...787869169.html => Magane & Waki ;))

    I hope you'll like the photo XD
  4. got more pity for Waki.... feel sorry for him. Rikichi accidentally take away the only one Waki ever cared for TT^TT
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    yes yes yes, it was out >___< abd it's so good ^^
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    where are you living? USA?
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    I also cannot read chinese:((((((((((((((
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    >_< yes, there is not update for ZE >_<
  9. Hi Ningy !
    Chapter 53 will be released in the next week XD. You can get the news from this blog. I can't wait and see raw ^_^

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    I buy them from some people who other them from Chinese. But all of them are not cheap.
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    Yaoi manga is not allowed in my coutry too
    I'm from Vietnam ^"^
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    off course I like Kamon Saeko, she a one of my favorite mangaka ^^.

    and I will send a message to you
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    do you need my help? I will five you the link
    vol 1 and 2 were translated in English, which version do you want? Raw [chinese or japanes?] or English?
    and vol 9 in chinese, I still keep the link. Do you need it?
  14. well, first, I like GenmaxHimi because Genma is so.... possesive XD and forcefull hehehehe my type.
    but I also like Shoui because he reallry true to his feelings. and somehow, feel pity for Waki. dunno why, just feel he was so unfortunate.
    hm... Chinese instrument? never listen to it, I have only listen to anime ost
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    do you like Gemma and himi that much? I also like them, especially Genma when he was young :D. Now, he pretty old :D but Himi still suit him :D.
    The song's from Lamento so sweet, ii like Himi. I am listening to it while I typing this message to you. I love it. And thanks for new songs, they're great but I like the one you sent to me before ^^.
    Do you try hearing Chinese instrument? It's pretty good ^^

    Link to download




    mediafire password: rainrainrain
  16. isn't it? XD when I heard it for the first time I was like "AAAHH>>> so GenmaxHimi" XD
    now, it's turn to find some song for ShouixAsari!!!
    gah... just crying because last night I listened to the drama cd again
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    ah, it's ok ^^. Thanks a lot for your song, i's great, I like it >_<. I like like like it to muchhhhhhh. How can I explain my feeling >_<
  18. http://www.mediafire.com/?5js78hrvl1gku54

    here you go ^^ enjoy~~
    btw... I don't know how long it's valid so I suggest to download it asap
  19. nope, not the fanbook TT^TT I have it allready... bought it for about 40dollar... quite expensive but worth it XD
    I'm looking for some pictures that usually on the manga or magazine without the words.. there's this picture of Shoui holding an Unconscious Asari in the middle of water. I looked for it and can't find it. it will be good to make a poster of it. ok ^^ I'll upload it for you tonight.
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    ^^, could you please upload that song on mediafire ^^.
    Ze fan book? it's great, you want to buy it? I think it will appear on internet, I hope so ^^
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