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    Hey. :3
    Thank You for the VM, but I have to be rude and ask you from where do we know each other?^^'
    I'm so sorry for being so forgetful. T-T

    Also, I hope you had nice Christmas holidays and a good start into the new year~ :3

    Edit: I think I just remembered.....from the aarin forum? O.O
  2. also, do fix all links to the pictures that aren't working, as soon as possible.

  3. when searching you must use the name of the author/artist & the title (or titles if there's more than one).

    ^ told you this not long ago, right?
    (scroll down the page and you'll see it, my message i mean.)

    nick cave's a great artist, yep.

  4. thank you, it was nice indeed :)
    that's a very late answer this one, sorry wasn't around... much ;)

  5. btw. when i say 'you can post a bit more when the place's up and running again' it means that you can post more threads, yes, but only the 1st day.
    all days after that one follow the same rule (10 threads rule) .

  6. i told you to stop and you keep posting... seriously?
  7. read the uploaders guidelines, pretty please?
    you've posted 12 threads, BUT '10 per day' is the number allowed here (i should delete couple of them now).
    only exception is when the forum is locked for some days. you can post a bit more when the place's up and running again since updates are needed.

  8. It would be nice if I can talk to you as usual??

    obviously you can :)
    a firm hand -altho unpleasant- sometimes becomes necessary when modding the place.
    it's nothing personal, that's what i'm trying to say.

  9. i fixed the title and unlocked the thread.
    why? i can't stop being nice, it seems :)

  10. you messed up the title this time: "kudasaim" you wrote.
    i told you that you have to pay attention and read the thread carefully before posting.
    and i also told you the other day "next time you'll do this i'll just delete the thread".
    well, i didn't. i just closed it, be happy with it.

    i never had to do this in the past, you know?
    people warned once were, like, warned for life. they didn't keep repeating the same mistakes, over and over again.
    meh, i'm starting to think you're doing it on purpose.

  11. and here we go again: it's sachimo not sashimo.
    seriously, what do i have to do? how many times do i have to repeat myself?
    now, since you're making my life impossible (each day there's stuff i need to change/fix), next time you'll do this i'll just delete the thread. patience's gone, yes.

  12. when searching you must use the name of the author/artist & the title (or titles if there's more than one).
    cover doesn't help at all, i'm afraid.

    i called it umi series because chapters were named differently when serialized, so both titles are written there.
    meaning, my thread does pop up when using the quick search.
  13. http://forum.nihonomaru.net/yuri-and-yaoi-manga.48/thread/umi-series-unohana.458465/

    ^ the quick search, again & again.
  14. kinda desperate, isn't he? *giggle*

  15. please (PLEASE) use the quick search before posting.
    you did duplicate two threads today (1 & 2).

  16. name's 'asai sai', you wrote just 'asai'.
    i fixed both threads :)
  17. well, since i don't have an account there, i can download once a day (large file size does that).
    also, it takes me half an hour to download the file fully, i wouldn't call it fast at all.
    just do not use it anymore, ok? :)
  18. please, do not use uploaded here (too many restrictions: you can download, like, once a day).
    also, link in your thread isn't working.
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About lllTAKElll
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Hi, I won't be allowed to upload files onto Niho anymore.
So sorry, no updated-uploading-fix links from now on.

Thx for all supporting, Bye.

P.S I've seen someone sharing my scans, which I can't help but "do respect me as provider some" I'm freely sharing not belong to anywhere, plz do not referring me including any website's name. Thx in advance




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